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Rolex watch—extremely luxurious

8In 1926, the first waterproof and dustproof watch was created eventually. That was the well-known Oyster watch. With the background of economic crisis in 1929, Rolex invented a self-winding mechanism with continuous innovation, creating the perpetual watch which was become fashionable for a time later.

Rolex—pursuit of quality

Rolex was not only full of energy of innovation, but also full of the insistent pursuit of perfection. For rolex replica watches, “quality” was by no means void word. Rolex was based on the “solemn, practical and simple” style, and was highly praised by people. And the accuracy and durability also made it more valuable. All the manufacturers of Rolex had the same belief that everything could be keep on improving. They were assisted with the edge technologies. Each production routine had to be monitored cautiously. Each watch had to be send to air chamber to test its waterproof ability. After that, each watch was corrected basing on the atomic clock which had two second erroring one hundred years. Once a watch could not reach this level, it would be left behind. Only all the quality tests had been finished could the watches were allowed to put out.

An elegant, magnificent and precise cheap rolex replica watches was based on the perfect combination of 220 assemblies. In the procession of assembling, each part should be perfect and flawless, which was called a work of art of a Rolex watchmaker. In fact, each procession of watchmaking was strictly demand that, except for the selection of the materials of the watchcase, the gems that where they should be placed as well as workmanship were drafted again and again before it finally formed into its shape.

In addition, Rolex developed gem watch series combined tradition with technology. The tough work of inlayed the gems into the watch had to be finished by the first -class watchmaker who had superb skill.